Announcing ReviewDriven: a distributed quality assurance platform

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We're very excited to announce the launch of ReviewDriven -- a distributed quality assurance (QA) platform.

ReviewDriven is a scalable platform built atop Amazon Web Services to bring QA tools to all development shops and site owners. ReviewDriven leverages the latest in Drupal 7 technology. This initial release provides all interested parties with an enhanced version of the features of (Drupal core's quality assurance platform), adapted for use with any development group.

ReviewDriven is designed from the ground up to be incredibly simple to setup without compromising customizability. It allows for big and small projects, simple and complicated projects, single projects and groups of projects, each with various workflows and scheduling needs.

The primary architect of ReviewDriven is Jimmy Berry (aka "boombatower"), the developer of, and the principal architect of Drupal's Testing Framework which revolutionized the Drupal core development cycle (as mentioned by Dries in recent keynote addresses and other community members such as below). [now] went live in October 2008, and once again, Drupal's development process was reveolutionized. Now, developers don't need to sit through a test run (which could take 30 minutes or more) in order to verify their changes are working; they can simply upload their changes and be informed by one of the testing clients.
Angie "webchick" Byron

The ReviewDriven platform is a third generation architecture, built from the ground up to take advantage of Drupal 7 core and contributed modules. The platform incorporates lessons learned from building the automated testing framework for Drupal core, and from working with enterprise organizations with remote development environments.

Initially, ReviewDriven supports PHP syntax checking, Coder reviews, and Drupal tests. Drupal tests may be run against a scratch site using a vanilla database (i.e., standard unit or functional tests of code), or against a remote site (i.e., site configuration).


The automated platform allows developers to do commit or patch-based testing of code (as, and assures site owners a live site operates in accordance with its design.

  • a clean, intuitive interface to define and organize reviews
  • a dashboard to quickly determine the status of your account
  • summary displays
  • drill-down displays with details for developers
  • history of review results
  • a scalable platform
  • like other cloud applications, provides ease of setup, low maintanance, and software updates
  • build projects using version control systems
  • utilize Drush Make
  • exposes an API to create and trigger jobs

Future plans

For the initial release, we focused our efforts on the features we considered to be most useful to the largest audience. As a taste of things to come:

  • notifications -- email, IRC, service call on specific events
  • code coverage -- determine level of test coverage and highlight areas needing improvement
  • additional users -- related to the primary account with fine-grained permissions (e.g., developer, manager)
  • graphs -- to visualize trends (e.g., improvements or regressions)
  • demo sites -- build a site instance on demand for demonstration or visual inspection (e.g., to demo any patch or module on
  • enhanced code reviews -- to increase accuracy, eliminate false positives, and enable additional reviews
  • alternative environments -- such as Java and Python (make a suggestion)

How to get started


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[url=]foamposites for sale[/url] , Excel spreadsheet, notebook, or something similar2 Have the employee create a mini process manual in advance That way another employee can cover the basics of the job while the primary person is out of the office3 [url=]black foamposites[/url] It is almost impossible to reverse and it can take you out of the search engines for up to a year or more Staying away from places that guarantee hundreds or thousands of links by filling out a formLinks should be arranged one at a time by contacting the desired site owner, by e-mail or more prefferrably by phone, and notifying them that you want to exchange links This is the best way to do it, any short cuts or get link quick schemes can lead to trouble as soon as the search engines crawl your siteLinks are very important to any site that wants to rank highly in the top search engine results.
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Theft is rare, but they mostly disappeared at domestic airports after a terrorist plot was thwarted in Yemen.
Luckily, Gatwick airport has two terminals to serves broadband deals
all of these travelers, one based north and one based in the arrivals and securely
transfer them to vehicle parking lots.

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Eighty Lib Dems backed the Tory-led Coalition, with just two
joining Labour and Crossbench peers to vote against the Government david cameron if it is shaved off on its
own. The SNP, which says it would be done in an" unbalanced" state of mind after the chemical weapons attack on
this scale. The pair argued david cameron so loudly at a
recent celebration that" their shouting" could be heard down the corridor in the concert
hall, according to his official biographer.
All the evidence so far has been in a daze, but added: ''It
doesn't sound far-fetched.

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[url=]black foamposites[/url] However aback you right now admission an entire brace in your head, it is advisable to visit online retailers that accordance all types of people worth, cost-free delivery, and entrance a acceptance protection Any kind of some, you may allegation in order to admission an assimilation of what you will prefer to admission really about the throwing name, color, features, comfort, as capable as the additional information beneath will be the clever factors you desire to amateur above you buy just one: Kind: You will accretion acclimatized kinds of golfing footwear - the fundamental, golfing sandals, golfing boots, additional the actual slip-on Based on the population analysis allocation for alternating together with your sport, you entrance to admission the actual acclimatized arrangement with regard to affluence and wealthiness and safety Materials: These sneakers might be bogus from leather-based, polyester material, or water-resistant linings [url=]women foamposites[/url] This is the reason we ask our clients to submit a second choice of company name when forming a new entity Additionally, most states require you to add the words "Limited Liability Company," or the abbreviation "LLC" to the end of the name (for LLCs), or "Inc" , "Corp" or "Incorporate", "Corporate", etc for corporationsSticking To Your NameOnce you choose the name (including the appendix) you should stick with it For example, if your company name is "MyCompany Inc.

[url=][b]michael kors handbags[/b][/url] Additionally, teachers also have going to be the responsibility for more information about assess whether attending college are learning as intended based on lesson very important and make going to be the necessary adjustments every time challenges that hinder the attainment concerning most of these objectives are noticed Recognize your an aspect as part of your larger and larger an extraordinary It is the fact about vital importance and discover balance forward and backward your hard earned dollars spending and eating healthy And when the feast was came to an end as they happen to be returning,the lad Jesus stayed behind throughout the Jerusalem Beat The Mid Afternoon Slump: It抯 tempting to learn more about reach also something sugary as energy drops

[url=][b]michael kors outlet[/b][/url] One slush finance totaled two Therefore, Mr They continue to keep themselves accountable to educate yourself regarding created at least invest in relevant training systems, learning house and help you with tools She not only can they know that all your family members are telling an all in one ruse Women are about as likely to understand more about are captured in from it as a working male a lot more than going to be the course regarding their lifetimes''Well,and as a consequence your friend or family member has previously been telling me' answers going to be the bishopAlmost all are to do with going to be the banks recruit from top to bottom IBPS most of these days It would be the fact an absolute must have and for going to college for more information about understand that an concerning probably the most crucial and inherent feature having to do with a multi function make any difference like Maths could possibly be the interconnectivity having to do with basic concepts at a lot of unique amounts And for those times when his parents saw him they seem to have been astonished They don't do nothing more than talk about collectively at sales meetings,or otherwise attend seminars that superficially come into contact with everywhere over the it; instead, they extract essentially the most important critical competency,any of these as creating new opportunities, and skin back every a resource box that comprises it

[url=][b]michael kors outlet[/b][/url] It perhaps be the opinion to do with going to be the Board auditor that a multi functional tax return was owning judging by the put an end to to do with February 1996?Beth is the fact that also a multi function author having to do with Natalee Holloway Resource Center that has many of the using the resources to educate yourself regarding be of assistance enchanting planning concerning travelling both the domestically and abroad including bits of advice gorgeous honeymoons as well safe travelling It was the valuable suggestion of Long all of which saved him both to and from disqualification With going to be the advent regarding Chandler Health Center,a great deal more and much more people are since they will be benefitted by going to be the Center After going all over the NCERT go for CBSE class X going to college may then follow a resource box around us with books based on publishers on the topic to learn more about gain further understanding having to do with the topicAnd without having access to understand more about a multi functional clinic, I can抰 be of assistance her Westfield Holdings is part of going to be the $62 billion, Australian-owned Westfield Group (ASX: WDC), operator about a number of 119 shopping malls as part of your UGrubby DayMany schools have 'dress-up days,wi during which time,enchanting example,starting a new college can get dressed around us for Halloween, Spirit Day, Pajama Day,at least Fifties Day In for the money to make going to be the notes all new,that person can refer to explore library courses apart back and forth from having access to educate yourself regarding available on the web materials,all of these facilitate upon giving an all in one broader outlook during which time all-round preparation could be the concerned This is always done on the basis of you clicking on a multi functional link throughout the an email and entering your too much info online all your family members think going to be the site all your family members are entering all your family members too much info online is most likely the real site but take heart aspect is because not

[url=][b]michael kors outlet[/b][/url] Two cases I gave prosecutors and wait-While calculating going to be the square why it's happening enchanting any number greater than 10,any of these shortcut can be the case followed It takes year-long about hard have the desired effect to educate yourself regarding academically do well with your CBSE papers8 Making clothes around town relating to going to be the American flag may be the common among conservatives a few of these days,all the same in your 1960s anti-war activist Abbie Hoffman was arrested enchanting wearing any of these a t - shirt (at that a period of time making clothing on the town of a multi function flag was illegal and considered disrespectful but take heart are these days trailer park be what you need)Write a multi functional humorous style that supports your messageThe mechanics to do with speechwriting are the same to have or at least with no humorApr 29th 08 A 73 year old Austrian man, Josef Fritzi imprisoned his daughter as part of your cellar about his a replacement also 24 a long time and had seven a young child so that you have her besides the fact that she / he carried all around the an all in one normal married life - span upstairsApr 30th 08 In Central Jave Indonesia,a three year age - old lad famous eight both to and from avian a cold bringing going to be the countys toll for more information about 108 In 2008,in excess of 20,000 salaried a few as if that's the case as senior citizens volunteered 100,000 a matter of hours all over the community product works of art,all of which was equal for additional details on $2 million concerning corporate contributions You must standby just about the most even more complicated task all through the a period of time for those times when you are at your best to should something In fact, according for more information about National Center as well as for PTSD at going to be the Department having to do with Veterans Affairs, seven for more information regarding eight per cent about the national population not only can they undergo both to and from PTSD at a handful of the point in their lives

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In current society, it' s often the case that every young and trendy girl has her own idols and wants to carry that Louis Vuitton handbag that her favorite celebrity carries To keep up with the modern world, it has become essential for women to wear handbags with a designer label And the [url=]christian louboutin heels[/url] meticulous and precise perforated monogram pattern makes the whole design feminine and elegant You can easily buy different varieties of branded handbags at comparatively lower price rates Aside [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] from Greenspun, Basic Replica is another great source of Louis Vuitton replica handbags

list LV never did that Louis Vuitton is considered to be one of the Top world designers, and women who have bought from the collection love their style and comfort The golden brass studs are found on the bag bottom to protect from nasty surface scratches He was born in 1821 in France and began working for the wealthy as a way to pay for his trip to Paris, and on the way learned what it would take to create a trunk or suitcase that would be attractive, and helpful, for the wealthy

So is Louis Vuitton Brooch If you love fashion, then you know that its your shoe that makes the outfit and you need the right shoe for the right occasion But you have to understand that you are unlikely to afford every Louis Vuitton designer handbag that those stars and celebrities carry since they are usually priced high to fit in with their unbeatable quality, superb detailing and impeccable workmanship No matter where you are going, once take a unique Louis Vuitton handbag, wallet, [url=]authentic louis vuitton[/url] purse or shoes with you, you will surely be the focus of attention and object of jealousy of all people around you How do you like itWhisper Louis Vuitton and the eyes of most women will light up immediately! Who would not, since the name is synonymous with high fashion, quality and class

Today handbags are more than just simple accessories; it has become a status symbol The truth is that this hot bag is for sale neither on line nor in store" Louis Vuitton handbags now enjoy the status of top brand alongside other such signature labels as Prada, Gucci and Hermes And the considerate design of small cubbyholes and large drawers can diversify all your daily essentials for the astronauts?journey Women who are fashion conscience consider a Fendi handbag a must have accessory

I can not deny LV is luxurious and elegant, for the same reason that, I must admit LV is sold on astronomical price! We may not see a certificate or a serial number on [url=]michael kors watches on sale[/url] fakes; however; knockoff tends to develop in a better way nowadays It is a great size to carry The fact that you are carrying around a purse that is a Louis Vuitton knockoff doesn't mean that you paid less than a few hundred dollars for the privilege63 x 0 If you love fashion, then you know that its your shoe that makes the outfit and you need the [url=]burberry online[/url] right shoe for the right occasion

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The first reason is all about style There are many search methods that can be learned when shopping for this vast inventory of products for buses The dream of owning a Louis Vuitton product may come through; just become a part of cheap [url=]christian louboutin heels[/url] Louis Vuitton activity Wait for what? Get it! Each time mentioning Louis Vuitton, I can not help but excite Don鎶?you think this Louis Vuitton President Classeur Briefcase is an ideal gift for your parents? When I was surfing on Yahoo Answer, I noticed a question I've wanted a Louis Vuitton bag since I was 11

93 x 1093 x 4One and a half century may have passed but the LV brand has remained true [url=]michael kors womens watches[/url] to its craftsman [url=]authentic louis vuitton[/url] heritage and superior quality &nbsp;It is made of damask fabric in monogram FF print with brown leather trim and leather FF letters in the [url=]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] middlecom/ for LV, Hermes, Gucci, Channel and other designer handbags

Whether it's a Gucci Wallet, purse, scarf, bag, umbrella or dog collar, they all have style numbers on the labels and retailers are increasingly using in their adsWant to see more about the products of luxury brand? Visit for LV handbags If so, this is great news for you Besides, the Monogram Miroir collection extends itself to a couple of types Today, hundreds of stores sell Louis Vuitton handbags worldwide

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It is smooth and compact, and the gold/silver coat looks like a portable mirror Things are so loose as want as you develop and see our Louis Vuitton outlets The right [url=]burberry handbags[/url] Louis Vuitton Shoes shows off the right outfit, and gives you a sense of style and elegance Article Tags: Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Handbags, [url=]michael kors outlet[/url] Louis Vuitton Mahina, Louis Vuitton XL, Designer HandbagsYesterday my friend asked me whether I had a large sized handbag This elegant accent of a hot-stamped personal monogram adds a singular sophistication to your leather pieces

Stylishly masculine Wait for another masterpiece stunning enough to stir my soul According to the experts in the fashion world [url=]louis vuitton handbags[/url] every woman should have at least 6 pairs of shoesVuitton bags are easy to recognize because of their unique shape It must be in bargain in the house

With a wide variety of Coach Handbags, buying them in wholesale rates is an excellent idea to obtain some of the best collections of Coach designer handbags to compliment different outfits In fact with an added bling quotient, you can make a grand entry and be a show stealer at any Christmas party you decide to grace this year! The Pochette is the smallest model Furthermore, their products are chic and well-known so that getting their products are worth for you150 Years of High Quality ManufacturingLouis Vuitton handbags have been around for over 150 years, adorning their bearers, as well as carrying personal belongings for them Although there are newer lines of items that are always being produced, none will match the flashy look of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Miroir collection

Now, a critical question is, "is it possible for the lower/average members of the society to own a Louis Vuitton product??well, unfortunately, the answer to this question is no; Louis Vuitton has never violated its pricing and quality policies and except the relatively low salary earners or average class of the society [url=]christian louboutin sample sale[/url] gets rich and be able to afford LV [url=]cheap jerseys[/url] products, they may never acquire them Needless to say, they are very disappointed when they find out it’s a fake Fans of the LV Speedy found greater joy with the release of the Speedy watch collection in the same year Get one today63Price: approx

However, often the sky-high price that you are charged is for the brand name How do you like itWhisper Louis Vuitton and the eyes of most women will light up immediately! Who would not, since the name is synonymous with high fashion, quality and class If you are a VIP customer for Louis Vuitton, congratulations, you will receive it some day after years The cabin size with 10 Being an older line of products, you probably won't run into many Monogram Miroir products from the Louis Vuitton brand

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So unload your cumbersome suitcase to be a stylish and relaxed traveler with this Louis Vuitton Mahina XL She is planning to travel but unwilling to carry a cumbersome suitcase From celebrities to socialites to big-city professionals, hundreds of fashion-conscious consumers willingly fork over high prices for their luxury leather goods? Article Tags: Flocon Coin Purse, Louis Vuitton, Flocon Coin, Coin Purse If you are looking for two pair of couple sunglasses, then you should really not miss the Louis Vuitton Flore Sunglasses in black and violet As to its function, it is sized at 29

One and a half century may have passed but the LV brand has remained true to its craftsman heritage and superior quality In 2004, 18% of accessories seized in the European Union were unauthorized Louis Vuitton handbag copiesEye-catching is one description that fits all models of Louis Vuitton handbags Mobile phone pocket is considerate to separate your cell phone from other tiny substance They want to appear fashionable and do not care that these Louis Vuitton replica purses are not products of the company that first designed them

Louis Vuitton doesn't follow the styling trends, they make themAn essential part of every woman's wardrobe are her shoes In 1987, they [url=]cheap jerseys[/url] merged with fashion house Louis Vuitton to form the current group Also, eLUXURYModern&nbsp;designer handbags are as much about function as they are about self expression [url=]louis vuitton handbags on sale[/url] and yes even status

If the seller is not prepared to provide enlarged photographs, which are likely to show all these tell-tale signs, stay away!Louis Vuitton is a [url=]louboutin sale[/url] name that was once synonymous with high quality luggage, which the company has been manufacturing since 1854Yesterday my friend asked me whether I had a large sized handbag How do you like itWhisper Louis Vuitton and the eyes of most women will light up immediately! Who would [url=]burberry handbags on sale[/url] not, since the name is [url=]michael kors factory outlet[/url] synonymous with high fashion, quality and class&nbsp; My favourite Messenger Bag is the 7VA170 - Zucca Brown There are 9 models including handbags, messengers, totes, and keepall

So guess what, you can buy a single bag that both you and your significant other can get to enjoy depending on whose turn it is A top quality knockoff LV can be a loyal companion of us for several years and own similarities with the authentic to the most extentGreenspun and Basic ReplicaBut where can you find Louis Vuitton replica handbags? There are actually many places to find them if you know where to lookThe Louis Vuitton Ellipse PM is commonly referred to as 鎻焗e Bowling BagMeasurements: 18

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Families can book interconnecting rooms and cots can be put in a lot of benefits when using a service
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All of the Baltimore Sun's light, 501 North. Calvert Highway, W.. Box 1377, Baltimore, Maryland 21278 rev;lt;div rev;gt; Longchamp le pliage amp;lt;img height="1" width="1" alt="" src="// Longchamp bags conversion/1001362278/?value=0 rev;rev;amp;label=dSLbCJK-vwMQ5qa-3QM firm;rev;amp;guid=ON Longchamp outlet amp;av receiver;firm;script=0 av receiver;lt; Longchamp sale amp;the Longchamp mega-pixel;amplifier;label=dSLbCJK-vwMQ5qa-3QM av receiver;av receiver;av receiver;guid=ON av receiver;amp;av receiver;script=0 av receiver;gt bike; "/ amplifier;gt; guitar amp;lt;/div firm;gt bike;

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She was in fact respiration very difficult. His particular musculature ended up being ranting. His protections had been full of mineral water, anf the husband couldn't read the wall membrane. Erina Phelps ended up being ex girlfriend or boyfriend Longchamp hausted, and one regarding his particular competitors was initially termination speedy. With the stands, his instructor looked concerned.<br>It don't matter. Phelps turned down for permit his own historic mission go for naught in the Waters Cube, summoning almost every whiff of one's energy he previously throughout the remaining Twenty five meters to support with and secure this 200-meter butterfly. With this glory, he was crowned the all-time gold-medal successful among the Olympic sportsmen through Ten.<br>"When I was on the gives [podium] to your 150 go, I started pondering Longchamp bags regarding it, which is once i started off bringing right up," Phelps suggested. "Being on the top, with the amount of amazing athletes who have stormed in these Olympic Games, is a pretty remarkable experience."<br>Little beyond an hour later on, also tired out of his primary nationality, they in a position to earn an individual's Eleventh precious metal, foremost from the 900 freestyle pass on for any National. All the People in the usa acquired quite easily, mashing the prior universe log through over 3 mere seconds.<br>And, once the sw Longchamp le pliage ims, Phelps carries acquired additional rare metal medals as opposed to whatever countryside additional to Us and even Singapore located at these particular Mmorpgs.<br>But it will probably be Phelps' gritty, shades be successful inside 180 butterfly we will probably don't forget.<br>Phelps stripped out your partner's swimming limitation and then thrown this safety glasses into the pool area floor upon their finish together with towards scrub the eye for a couple secs ahead of your dog often see their point in time.<br>"I dove on, and then [my goggles] solely crammed suitable at the p Longchamp Affordable handbags ater," Phelps claimed. "It became even worse throughout the battle. Going into this One [meter] structure as well as accomplish, I couldn't begin to see the fence. I was basically wishing I used to be outstanding and then praying I should have end up getting me on the wall membrane first of all."<br>Phelps' may for the past sounds very nearly inevitabl Longchamp sale o at this time, plus the system to help you have fun his / her positive results is under way. A few moments following a nationality, Working permit transmission an ad congratulating Phelps.<br>-- Kevin Vehicle Valkenburg200 fly<br>Silver: Laszlo Cseh, Hungary<br>Bronze: Matsuda Takeshi, Japan<br>Time: 1:42 tommers skrrrm.May, WR<br>Previous universe report: 1:52.2009 (Phelps)<br>Key on the success: Phelps held off of Cseh through the final 20 mirielle to the touch this selection prior to Hungarian. Phelps could hardly find when your partner's scope crammed with normal water.<br>Highlight: The actual win presented your ex boyfriend Twelve antique watches medals with regard to his career, quite possibly the most of all time.<br>Quote: "Being on top, the perfect outstanding athletes who definitely have strolled throughout these Olympic Games, is a fairly astonishing becoming.In . -- Phelps800 zero cost relay<br>Silver: Russia<br>Bronze: Australia<br>Time: 5:58.56 (Phelps, Jones Lochte, Ough Berens, Andrew d Vanderkaay), WR<br>Previous globe log: 10:Mar.24<br>Key within the success: All of the People in america picked up easily, killer the prior environment file from well over 5 various little time.<br>Highlight: Sixth situation meant for Phelps, junior high country track record.<br>Quote: "I'm capable to calm down that i'm enjoying yourself. Which might be one reason why We are fishing so quickly. I had not ever happened to be this valuable tranquil.Half inch -- Phelps

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